Saturday, December 27, 2008

Need Help~

I have no idea, something is wrong there..

We met last night, he message me, telling me that he wanna meet me and passing something to me. I know that's the Christmas present. We watched a movie together cause I'm asking him at last munite.

Well, everything come naturally and pretend to be normal.. I didn't ask him anything bout the message, I didn't say anything bout my own feeling.. But, he got ask me something, when we waiting for showing time.

It might because of I too tired last night, so I didn't really pay attention to him last night, he asking me to stay at KL, see if can get any job at KL, maybe the opportunity is better than my small hometown. At that time, I was thinking : what for I need to stay at here since you don't want me? Want me to stay and walking in the cloud with you? @.@

What I answer to him is, I did think before to stay at KL, get a job at KL as well, but well... I get another oppotunity at Sabah as well. But, actually I wanna tell him is, if I got any boyfriend here, maybe I will stay. Haha..
But I didn't say it, cause I don't want to show him that, I can't live without him, I can't live without guy..I still can stay alive.. working, for family... and I don't want him to feel I'm desperate.

But, why he wanna ask me to stay? Didn't he run away from me already? Didn't he is not into me??

The second question pop out from my mind is, he asked me to earn extra by using my blog, and asking me to write some interesting blog to attract people.. it makes me feels like.. Did he read my blog? He still remember my blog? I didn't post my blog address at any social net, but only in plurk, how he manage to get it? Or he really did remember when I only told him once? I never know that his memory got such good..

I asked my friendsss.. their answer some confirm, some are not confirming.. So, I need your help, Readers, comment me, and tell me, what is happening there??


Joshua said...

Do you want me to tell you what he is thinking, or do you want him to tell you what he is thinking. Ask him; if he lies to you, consider him untrustworthy. If he is untrustworthy, then you should not worry yourself over him anymore. If he does not answer you, it could be too many things. Still, it's best to ask him about himself. :)

Nelson said...

well...ur truly in vain, seriously u still love him just dono how to express directly. Give urself sometime u might find the ans as if it's not u will noe what to do.
Yes, his reading ur blog, obviously k. Ur older den me dats what u said rite rite?so unworthy person would just sound like trying to get u instead of going straight so u fink is he unworthy?maybe he's not but u will find out the ans. Had faith in u

ToNy said...

Its not the matter of what happened actually.Nothing has happen here to your relationship.Its just only a answer that you still expecting and its so simple just "Yes or No".He is giving you lot of reasons but all of it is not that you wanted.

In your previous post that you already mentioned that you are giving up and now you are expecting another hope again from him.He is asking you to stay again, and do you ask him why? You don't tell him that maybe if he accepted you and you will stay..but you posted it here.I just hope that he will read your blogs and realized that you really hoping for an answer.

The summary is that if you leave KL, then you will give up and if you stay, please don't give up so easily.And if he is not the one, then i hope you can find someone who really cares and loves you the most.

PurEPruE said...

Josua, of cause i want him to tell me what he is thinking, but since i never dare to ask all this thing at him, that's why i request for help over here.. =(
but yet, how do i know if he is kying me or not? coz... i just know him bout a mnth, eventhough he is still sound very innocent to me.... Joshua, i'm so afraid that i will spoil everything..

PurEPruE said...

thanks for your comment, and yes i really dunno how to depress myself, eventhough yes i AM older than you. =.= LOL~
but, did i say that before?? @.@

erm.. thanks.. i really no idea for that..and i was thinking, if i really no faith at this city, i will leave obviously..

PurEPruE said...


thank you..
i promise you..

DJ VILLAN said...

dont try so hard to be loved or find love, the right person will find you and when he does u will know it. he will do everything for u :)

with this guy maybe u have scared him by saying the L word so soon... maybe he doesnt want a gf or a relationship.

whatever the reason, u lived without him b4 and u will still live without him now.

of course he's reading your blog, but so far he has the power because he can read how he has gotten into your head and heart. its like a game between the hunter and the hunted.... u r bleeding all over in your blog... dont waste any more of your time blogging, thinking, wishing, etc about him. move on sweetie, there are far more 'real men' out there who know how to appreciate such a kind and beautiful person like u and will treat you like a princess :)

PurEPruE said...

thanks dear DJ VILLAN~

I need to remember it!
i'm my mom's princess, i'm my man's princess too!! >.<