Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shit O Circle

Christmas night, I hang out with my NetFriends.. They are Wen ans Skygns from facebook. I knew 2 more friend through Skygns at that night, William and Mei Mei. They are couple. =)

That night I didn't take any photo cause my camera is at low battery, we went to O Circle Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid. This restaurant is Hallo Cafe previously, and I dunnot what is happening and when it changed to O Circle.

Well, now we going into the main Topic, which is..

This Restaurant is Suck!
Slow Service, Slow order, Slow motion, Slow processing of food, Slow coming out the food, but Fast taken the plate and giving bill!

What the H!??

I've been this Restaurant before it renovate, it took all the service damn slow already. Still the same after renovate!??? How to seuvive lar!???

Some more the food there expensive as well!

We rather go mamak after we came out from that restaurant.

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