Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Boxing Day!!

26 Dec 2008

Boxing Day!!! Boxing Day!!! But what is Boxing Day?? O.o
Actually until today only I know what is Boxing day..Haha..

Boxing Day is the day to give, not to family and friends, but to those less fortunate than ourselves. At US , today is the Big Spending Day!
For me, it's the open gift day!! =p

The present is given by my friend, he is KL-ian, but he work at Kelantan. Before He giving me the present, he called me after I send him a Lame joke. He told me that he will post the Christmas present to me on!!

But then it become, he walk into my shop in the morning!! O.O shocked me!!
A fello who suppose at Kelantan, suddenly appear at front of me!!

This is the 2 small toys.. Not very Big and not very small too...


So sorry to my this friend, I really got no idea what I can do for these 2 toys, eventhough he suggested to me. I'm not the type of keeping toys one larr.. T.T

Let's come to next present!!

This is HIM gave me! The HE my friends know, the one I fell in love accidentally.
It's been almost 2 weeks he never wanted to see me after I sent him the message, but at so sudden, he prepared the Christmas present for me, with no reason, with just because I'm asking my US friend, Ben, where is my Christmas present, at facebook, then he saw it.

We met at Boxing Day, no, Boxing Night! He give me the Christmas present at Boxing Night, LOL~

He really know what I love, gosh~!!

It's the alcohol chocolate, and he purposely bought it for me at KLIA. This Chocolate you really can't find in city's shop, but only at KLIA!!

Can you see that?? Liqueur fills ohh~~~

Really thanks to HIM, I really appreciate it.. =)

I had receive 2 present this year!! Suppose got 3, but another one been rejected by Us inspector, so the gift still at Las Vegas, US.

Well, don't ask me why, maybe that stupid inspector thought that he is sending me a bag of drugs, caffein, or bomb?? No idea... It's Just Coffee !! OK!??

Really thanks to my friends, loving me, caring me and giving me the present~!!! ^^
I love you guys!!

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