Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wheat Beer

After I met Miss Pink at Bukit Bintang, I almost wanna go back after that, cause still at upset mode at that time.. At a sudden, I remember I still got another friend at Bukit Bintang. I take out my phone, and change my way to another. I called my friend, Faith, confirmed that she is working today, so I heading to her restaurant, Devtsches Havs.

Of course, it's not really her own the restaurant, it's just that she working there, and everyone of the shop like her, want her to work longer time over there.. She herself study Nursy when she is at Philipines, and bow she is pregnant, goping to give birth the baby soon, and she told me that she is so worry bout it, cause she know what would happen if the baby..

And that's scary tho.. =p

Her shop is really nice.. What a classic German Restaurant! You can found a lots of oldies stuff there, including those skirt, and pictures...

And ya... the bottles... She told me that the German's Beer is much more bigger than Malaysia's one, their size of a bottle is calculate as 1 litle and 2 litle, not like Malaysia, only 330 ml and 1 litle size.. It's a lot if you really drink 1 to 2 litle a bottle!! I can't imagine when I handle that 2 litle bottle!!

They having a special Beer is called October Beer.
In German, they will celebreate the festival as so called October Beer, so that's why there's come out the October Beer supply only at October. And they have to fully sold out the October Beer at October too, so they will come out the Happy Hour too eventhough it is still the special beer.

In a German Restaurant, for sure need to get a try of German Beer!! That's why, I take a try too, hehe =)
Well, I have no idea of those beers... so I ask my friend to give a suggestion, not too bitter one, Hehe... in the Menu, you can see that there's got 3 type of German Beer, which is Wheat Beer Natural, Wheat Beer Dark, and Original Munch.

My friend, Faith, saying that they normally will take Wheat Beer Natural or the Original Munch, so I shoose Wheat Ori, cause she told me that it's not really bitter. =p

Well, after i tried, ummm....

It's not bad, and ya, it's not really bitter tho.. more freshy than Calsberg a bit more.. (sounds like I know a lot LOL~) =p

Wanna know how much it cost me??

It's not including tax and service yet. ;)

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