Thursday, December 25, 2008

Miss Pink

16 Dec 2008

That day is one of my friend in plurk, Aaron aka crazywrazy's birthday, and I didn't ask him out due to without his contact, so I'm out with my another friend, Chia Yen aka Miss Pink. We meet at Sg. Wang , and I bring her along to 6th floor to have lunch and shopping..

me and Chia Yen

We had our lunch at a shushi shop, which is quite long time at 6th floor. Haha, so sorry that I forget the shop's name, pity it too, =p

I totally can't finish the food I ordered that day, and I totally left the mee and chicken over there, it's really huge portion and I think can share by 2 person as well. =.=|||

Well, it's really nice to meet a new friend, Miss Pink, who is flying from Kuching, shopping at KL a week, and that's the only day I'm off!! Well, that's the special day for me too. That's the day HE reject me 1st time, that's the day I bought a skirt for myself with Miss Pink! And that's the day I have no need him to be with me, I spending my whole day with my friendssss...

Ya , not only one friend, cause after I seperated with Miss Pink at 5pm, I been a Germany Restaurant and meet my GodDaugther, then meet my High School Classmate surprisingly after that!!

Anyway.. they all come in a sudden! And the most important at this post is..

Nice nice to meet you! Miss Pink!! ^^


Joshua said...

You have pretty eyes, Prue. :)

PurEPruE said...

oh, wao... haha thanksss..