Friday, December 26, 2008

1st Time "Overseas", LOL~

I've been Singapore at 20th and 21st December with my another 3 of my friend I met at KL.They are Wil, Jan and Ris (using nick for their privacy) I meet them at 11pm Friday(19th Dec) at Corals Hotel KL, then starting our journey at 11.30pm.

Well, night at bus, for sure is ZzzZZzzzZzzzz~~

We wake up few times due to some processing of Embassy an passport checking processing.. We arrive Singapore HarbouFront station at bout 4.30am

We got no place to go at this kind of early, so we just wake and having breakfast at the only open shop, McDonald wtf.

We wait till bout 6am, Ris's handsome cousin, Reece, came and bring us to our staying place.
Careful right here, Ris is a girl, Reece is a boy. 8-)

Jan, Wil, Reece and Ris (from left to right)

This is Little India, the area is so called Little India, why? Cause once weekend, all the Indian and Pakistan will appear at this area, so you will find the smell of India is really SMELLy~~
We all don't know how bad is it till the last night(21st Dec) when we are rushing to go back for taking our bag. You hardly found a white one unless those traveler Mat Salleh. =p

This is Double-Deck bus..

And this is..???

Erm.. how to describe this 2 type of bus ya?? Double Deck is which got 2nd layer, like out bed; but this one I really sorry that I have no idea what I should call for this due to lack of knowledge. =p It's link together the length of the 2 normal buses, to become one bus, so you can figure out how long does the bus, it cannot fix my camera!

And in Little India, there's got a lots of short shop, at THIS kind of short.
We might can find it at other places of course.. just fix your height only..

So, This is our Hostel, it cost us S$20 a night. It's cheap of course, that's why we are here. The servise here is not bad, you can get a breakfast or meal at here too, if you need anything, there's got a kitchen for you to do whatever you want, and how many meals you want at here as well. As long as, the kitchen will be closed at 10pm, HA!

And also, the security here is good too, not to allow those strangers coming in, and will change the password gradually. You just need to make sure that your stuff all are not valuable and lock it well yourself.

The washrooms are sharing, but no worry, they are clean, not as dirty as you guys think!
The locker is supply too, S$6 per locker, can keep your important stuff inside it.

Too bad Wil and me both forget to bring the towel, so we rent the towel from the counter too..
and oh ya, there's got an disadvantage is, they didn't supply the blanket.

Yea, the S$20 backpackers hostel, only supply you a bed ,space for keep you stuff, and shower place. The rest, you need to pay again..Haha..

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