Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve to Everyone!!

Merry Christmas to all of You!!

Even though you are not Christian!!

Today is Christmas Eve, and I still at work! haha.. I'm not Christian, but of course, due to this is one of the Public Holiday in Malaysia, so everyone can celebrate!!! :D

What is your plan at your Christmas Eve and Christmas??
-Celebrate at friend's house?
-Celebrate with friends and family?
-Celebrate with colleague?
-Celebrate with your lover?
-Celebrate at home alone? watch TV or sleep?
-Celebrate on internet?? with net friends?? HAHA..
-Chilling at club or pub??

Well, my choice of today, Christmas Eve, will be stay at home, watch drama, then sleep!!
and that's my plan thou, dunno if it will be changed or not tonight.. :P
hope it won't change, cause I heard them said, the Christmas Eve is a dangerous night for girls, will easy lose their virginity at this night :P

So, what is your plan for tonight??
comment me if you willing to say. ;)

and again~

Merry Christmas~!!!

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