Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thank you

Thanks to my friend, Tony, keep on support me not to give up my love.
Eventhough he is younger than me, but he is a guy.
Eventhough he is telling me that he never been in relationship yet, but he is understanding.
Eventhough he knows that I'm going to give up, but he ask me not to..

I dunno if he is right or not, all the guys are different.
and.. he is never been at KL, and he never know how's the KL guy..
He is using his feeling of being a guy, to tell me what is happening there, but...
I also dunno, if HE is really meant what Tony explain to me..

But, Tony, I only can say...
Sometimes i rather to give up than just wait and see...

Love, some are sweet, some are not.
Fell in love with someone, means that I not enough love myself.
Fell in love, you can feel the sweet, but mostly the sweet is come out from the pain and hurt..
You need to feel hurt, then only you can feel sweet if you realize it.
See, IF only you realize it, then only you can feel the sweet of Love.

Love is patient, yes, it is.
And I'm so sorry that I don't have that patient.
I just like my daddy, rushing all the time, not wanting to waste any minute of my life, especially by someone else!
But yet, I waste my time a lots for HIM, I wait for HIM a lots more than I wait for myself.
Not in feeling I'm sorry..

I can use 5-10 mins to finish make up!
I can use half an hour to prepare everything then go out from my house.
I can use only 45 minutes or an hour to go through a chapter or 2, then walk into exam hall.
I can use 1 hour to finish quarter of novel and a comic!!
I can use 2 and half an hour to finish whole novel if I want.

Imagine, I used to wait for him up to 2 to 3 hours, just wait for him to come and find me.
Well, I'm sorry I'm not blaming him, I'm just try to telling you that, I never wait for myself that long before..and I learn to now..
Maybe I'm too rush...

So, my friend, Tony, I would like to say..
I wanna quit..
I wanna give up..
Cause I feels like, I don't fit him.

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