Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Happy and Unhappy Day..

Today is not my really happy day, but I'm still consider quite happy today.

Not happy is because of, I message him again, ask him if he is free at evening time or not, and he reject me again!! He said he is at Grand Millennium Hotel and his schedule is tight today.
Why I'm not happy? That's because of he never reject me before, he never tell me that he is busy before,he normally will said that he would arrange the time for me, and he will just check the schedule and see if he is busy at that day or time or not. He will always give me surprise on time, and he would always appear in front of me... Eventhough he is busy that day..

I'm happy is because of even though without his company, I still can make my day full!!
In a very special condition, I'm meet my net friend, Miss Pink, at Sungei Wang. She said sorry to me cause she only can be with me till 5 or 6 pm due to she got another date of meeting friend at Times Square at bout that time, it's OK for me cause I can get the guess of it too..
After we separated, when I on the way walking to Pavilion from Sg Wang, suddenly remind one of my friend, Faith, who is working around Bukit Bintang too, and it's not far from there. At the next second, I directly call her, see if I get her or not.

So lucky that I get her, and I straightly change my way turn to her shop. Haha.. I get a German Beer and take a try... And I didn't bring anything to her, so I just gave her one of the shirt I bought with Miss Pink, hope the gal won't mind, cause I didn't do fully prepare and I suddenly thinking of giving her that sexy skirt, but she is pregnant LOL~ I just hope that it won't disappointed her too much..

At Faith's working place, suddenly I get a strange number ( I realise that my friends all like to call me by using the strange number =.= , so normally I will just pick up the phone eventhough who is calling ), and it's my high school classmate!! Haha! what a lucky busy day!!

So~~~ After I get out from Faith's shop, I straightly heading to Kota Raya, cause my that High School Classmate, Hui Yieng is shopping at Petaling Street with her family. I been there and chat have a small gathering with them, know all of her family members, LOL~ then only I get back myself once they get into Taxi and heading back to their Hotel.

Well, conclusion is,
He reject me. I'm sad. Really sad at what he had done to me..
My friends full fill my today, I'm happy, cause I got no time to blame him and blame myself.
This is the day I can go through Without Him!!

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