Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kena Virus!!

Today early morning bout 7.00 am I woke up already..
I thought I'm late and I didn't on my alarm, but it's not, I really wake up too early =D

And I found myself wake up with gooood mooddd...
I love my today when I wake up =))
It's just that, I miss him again.. I thinking of him, I wanna dream bout him..
Till the Radio(alarm) on, my MixFm is playing the lovely make my day too =)
Everything is so good and so nice, and I love my morning too..
Eventhough I thinking at him, I didn't feel any heart broken or pain or unwell.

I thought I'm fine, I thought I'm clean,
just like PC, after scan viruses, delete, then restart. CLEAN..

But I'm wrong, I just scan the virus, I forgot to uninstall the programme . Wish I can!! Uninstall the Love Feeling software and no more hurt feeling anymore!!

In this lovely day. I automatically wanna plan to have a movie, so I'm thinking of HIM again!!!
Gosh.. Can I message him? Gosh.. I starting nervous..
So far only Him, will just agree what I planned, what I want and what I need.. (but I never tell him what I need LOL~) and just go on what I want..
Till, I cannot take it, I message!
"would you like to watch movie with me tonight at 8pm?"

Wait... no reply.. cause he never reply so soon one...
Till I'm reach my shop, online, saw him on the line too.. so i just give him a line..
" morning, just wonder if you receive my msg or not"
and then, I thought He won't reply me..till he pop out again " Good morning, wait let me check."

At that time, my heart is taking up, hanging suddenly..
next is, " sorry i can't go movie tonight, coz im going to Pahang this evening, I'm doing slideshow now"
Then , my heart is dropping down....Ouch..

What a lovely day ..
and What a bad day too ..
1st invite after That message, He reject me..

After a while I chatting with Him, I found that my heart and my brain still got Virus.. =(
Too bad...

At the same time , It's 10.00 am, I need to sneak out from the computer and do my job, cause manager will "look" at me and later on will starting "xxXXXxxxxXXXx" so better move fast fast..
I found he willing to chat more with me, but so sorry Dude, I can't, cause I got to work..


明仔 said...

哈哈is good to get a virus lol
but wish u also hv a happy life like me lol
now ur bro is nt same lol i nv sad n unhappy cause of a gal liaw
i really found out wht is the live of living haha
u know wht is my answer

PurEPruE said...

no good!! i want the virus been cleaned!! >.<
happy~ i also wish lor... still dunno what he is thinking bout oh... =(
aiks... dunno lar.. talk bout ppl easy, sendiri kena then different liao.. but i still willing to get clean the virus, and wish to uninstall the programme!!! >.<

Joshua said...

"Uninstall the Love Feeling software"

Haha! I like that--very poetic. I guess you don't have administrator privileges for that program. :P :)

PurEPruE said...

haha i like that too.. but i really wish i'm just a cpu :P

and ya, i dont have that.. :(
can you do mine? :P