Friday, December 12, 2008

Love is Drugs

0800 am
I have no idea why he pop out to my brain again, and everything is so good and so nice..
and I found that, I wish I can wake up with his smiling face, I wish he is the one who makes me warm.. after check the time, and also the message. no

It remind me back the poem I did before..

Love is just like the Drug,
Once you touch it,
You will addicted to it,
When you wanna get over it,
It takes half of your life..

Hahaha... it's really like drugs,
he is really like a drugs..

My hand is shaking, like my addiction is coming..
I addict to his love, his care, his touch, his hug, his kiss, his... everything..
He makes me feel so desperate.
Gosh I don't want to be desperate.. >.<


frojelet said...

Good luck!! Go for it!!
Don't let it slip by:)

PurEPruE said...

frojelet : thank you dear.. but..
i feels like he is not really into me.. =(
that's why im not really having big hope..
and he is trying to chat with me this morning, but due to my job, i can't
but i can figure out what he is trying to say.. =((