Friday, December 12, 2008

It's too late..

Everything come out in a sudden,
and the result after that sudden,you need to pay what you had done.

10.00 pm 12/12/2008
Everything come in a sudden, I suddenly message him a very weird message.
Believe it or not, I miss you!
I don't know if it shock you or not, I likes you!
I don't care if you run away, I fell in love with you!
i'm not going to tell you officially, cause I'm not a brave gal!
Please use your action to tell me the answer.
If you do wanna be with me, do find me,
if not, please just run away from me.. thx!

Everything is really come in a sudden, and I myself not so sure if this is the original message I sent to him or not.. I wait.. NO! I'm not waiting! I'm wait for my friend call me out for YamChar session! I told myself like this... and keep on look at the phone, till I fall asleep..

01.00 am 13/12/2008
I awake! look at the phone, it's one, no message, no miss call..
Ha! so funny.. everyone is not come to me.. even him.

I lose... I lose him, I lose myself, I lose everything...
In this sudden, I feel my hurt been hit.. It's not pain, it's like, when someone is using the pillow hit you strongly, the feel is not on the skin.. it's on your heart directly.. It's not pain, it's..breathless..

I starting shagging.. I starting afraid.. I starting regret to everything I had done..
Why couldn't I just wait and see? Is just because of I can't take it to just WAIT?
Why couldn't I just take some more time to observe? Is that just because I'm really rush for everything in my life?
Why couldn't I just ...

I so regret to what I had done,
I wish i didn't send the message,
I wish I still can get his hug,
I wish I still can look at him when he is napping,
I wish I still can laugh with him,
I wish I still can happy with him,
I wish he still can be my Angel..

But yet.. everything is too late, I sent the message, he didn't find me, even a message reply..

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