Friday, December 12, 2008

just a thought..

I wish no one is going to read my this post..
cause it's all under English word and alphabet only..

I'm the gurl who like to think bout future,
plan bout future, dream bout future, and put myself into future..

thinking of..
what would happen in the future if..

a lots... a lots.. good, bad, sissy, weird..
whatever you can think of, I can too...those you can't , or you not dare, I dreamed it too..
and... i dreamed something, which every girl dream of..

And.. it surprised me, cause I never think of my this dream will coming so early..
I'm just 23, not yet into 24, and shit, the Aunty got telling me that I'm going to marry at 24.
hope it won't happen!!
but.. the dream is coming, can i not to believe it?

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