Monday, December 8, 2008


I had a very good one day trip with my friends and new friends.

My friend ,Steven help me to organize a trip to go SkyTrex at Bukit Cahaya,Shah Alam. I'm just try to invite my friends only. After bout 2 weeks time inviting, sad that no one would like to follow me, but lucky that Chanhui's colleague wanna go, so we all bout 6 person only appear.
They are: Steven, Pon Ying, Bernad, Chan hui, Rose, and me.

We all gather at 7.30am at Kuchai Lama, had our breakfast. After that only we heading to there, well I'm so sorry that I dunno the way to go there, coz im in napping, sleepyyy~~~

Rental shop, for you to rent the bycicle.

So sad we are too late to get a bike.

After arriving there, we thinking of wanna rent a bycicle and cycle ourself to go there, but we are too late to get one, so no choice, we only can wait for the bus to go there, the distance is bout less than 5 mins time. Once we get there, we are preparing to get our tools!!

you can see them,excluding me,haha..

I'm the 1st one who wearing the tool, and I feel hurt once I wear it, LOLs really weird feeling, imagine that you wearing a very very tight jeans and you will feels weird at down there when you walking..

This is how high the 1st stage.

After we all get our tools, the person in charge teach us how to use all the stuff, then we need to go throught the small test, then only we can go for the skytrex. The 1st stage is bout 2 to 3 floor height, you need to climb up there then only starting for the dangerous, scary and exciting game..

All of them totally it's bout 14 stage, and you will find it's tired from the 1st stage you climb up to there wtf.

The most fun and the most relax one is when you do flying over from this stage to that stage haha.. but you will feel scary before the 1st step you have to step over..

It's really hard to describe with you guys how fun the game, and it's the outdoor gaming, costing you RM35 per head for reantal all these stuff..

and for those if you are afraid of height, no worry, they can do it, you can do it too!
only bout 3rd floor height nia mar... not bad lar... ;)

This is the map for the whole garden, and the Skytrex Adventure is at one small place small coner of this map.

Thanks to my friend, if not him, I wont have this kind of time to come here, the Skytex Adventure..
After a day resting my muscle is very very painful and only realise that how much I hurt myself lol, not posting here coz I'm afriad later on my family scold me lolz.

Oh ya, there's got a different painful is , last time pain at my legs, this time is pain at my hands.. really feel pain at my 2 arms...

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