Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shoe and Sandal

Coming back to shop from dinner with friend at outside, I saw a guy is standing in front of the shop. I saw a lady at inside of my working shop too, I found the guy is keep on looking at me when I walking into my shop.

I ignore him and walk to behind with my friend. My friend went to toilet and I just keep my wallet into my locker at staff room and coming out again.. I stand at the front door with one of my colleague. Another fatter colleague is serving the lady. The guy suddenly talk very loudly, you want or not!?? Scared me.

Then, after a while only I realize that they can't get the cash from ATM machine cause they insert the wrong password, and they willing to buy the sunglass from my shop, but they can't get the cash and they don't use credit card as well.

After that they walked out already, I thought the story end here, but it's not. The couple walked back again and asking my fatty colleague(in the picture you can spot her) if there's got another bank instead of the bank beside our shop. Then suddenly the guy ask the lady, which one you want? The lady said that they got no cash, but thn the guy suddenly replied loudly, WE GOT A LOTS OF CASH AT HOME!!

I stunned, looking at him. He speak loudly looking at me, 10 Thousands, She Got 10 Thousands You Know? Then walk in again to the shop.

Then i realize!!

He wear the leather shoe with another side is sandal!!

Funny! Funny! I fast fast go and took the photo!!

Lucky I bring the Camera all the time wahaha!!


frojelet said...

that's truly interesting:)
Thank God he didin't find you taking photos:)

PurEPruE said...

hahah frojelet, actually i think he know i'm taking photo!
coz i found him look at me when i wanna taking photo. but the he didn't say anything hahaha...

Thank God he drunk and Thank God he is not mad bout me, :P