Saturday, November 29, 2008

November's life

November, this is really a lovely month for me in this whole year... I had met a lots of consider nice friend, having a good trip.

Actually when Splashmilk aka Mikel organize the trip to Bukit Tabur, I really excited and surprised. That's my 1st time ever to get doing outdoor game together with some friends, and most of them 1st time meeting... Awww... really happy even though I repeat it again over here, haha..

at Nov 2008, I get a lot of 1st time also.. ummm... like..

1. Met a lots of good and nice friends! Hang out, Yamchar, and activity!! no bad thing happen (like flirting and etc) which you know what I mean right.. ;) Actually i feel scary when I 1st time do this.. like, so afraid of regret if bad thing happen.. :( Lucky that I met the nice friend.. :)

2. 1st time go Penang and without Bro, and 1st time bring along a friend of mine, ChanHui, to Penang, haha... Daddy really treat her soooo good, till I really dunno how to thank her... Love you Daddy.

3. 1st time join the outdoor activity!!! after been almost 5 years in KL !! and with most of "strangers" LOL~ cause I really 1st time met them when I been there .

nice or not? nice or not? that's my best shot by using my Lumix..

4. 1st time receive a very very Lovely message from a female friend LOL~ the message is : Lovely msg for a Lovely friend 4 a Lovely reason at a Lovely time from a Lovely mind by a Lovely mood in a Lovely Style.have a Lovely day! isn't it lovely?? LOL~

5. 1st time buy a camera by using my own money for myself. Which is Panasonic Lumix FS3, 8.1 mega pixel with 3 times zoom. umm... not as good as those professional camera, but it's for myself mar... right? right?

6. 1st time knowing that I really can wear cap and it's quite feminine to me, LOL~ cause previously I got a lots of friends tell me that I look NOT nice when wearing the cap, I looks like Vietnamese or China Girl when I wearing cap..umm... Maybe the way I wear is wrongly, so that's why..

7. I become a future born baby's Godmother! woot!! Baby's mother is a Philippines, she came to my shop, working about a months only, I'm the one who persuade her to leave the shop, and hope she will be happy working at outside of THIS "small world" ( social university's world ). She suddenly message me by using a strange number, and telling me that she got pregnant! oh gosh, it's really surprised me, cause last time she just told me that's her boyfriend, not yet her husband!!

but haha.. seem it is a happy ending and another starting, god bless her to be happily ever after at the way they choose.. She said the baby will born at March.. Aww... I got a baby~ (LOL~ syok sendiri kat sini )

8. 1st time been Port Dickson!! Really no idea why this fello named DICKson.. and we go there for celebration my friend's, Phoebe, birthday.

9. 1st time my manager, Melissa forget that she working that day!!! Bwahahahaha~!!! That's because of she forget the date and she wrongly read the duty roster to the advance week! Poor her lost a week and she didn't realise herself, and I can see that how bored her life at work, wakaka....

10. 1st time see my younger Bro's friends, 3 girls with almost the same name and I totally forget their name already, so sorry Bro.. They are cute and nice.. just that they walk too slow a bit LOL~, and happy that I met a new friend from one of the girls, her name is Wang Qian, so bad i didn't took their photo at all.. I'm not a prfessional blogger. =P

But why I status at here? haha 1st time see Bro's lady friends lor, and 1st time greet new friend like this lor.. Bro's friend's friend. LOL~

Well, 10 1st time stuff... not bad hun? Haha... my life at November is really colourful and unforgettable. And oh ya! This is also the 1st time that I feel happy and lucky I work at here!! if not I can't know such much of friends from internet and get these 1st time in my life at this only 30 days November. ;)


Joshua said...

"Really no idea why this fello named DICKson.."

Heh. It's an ancient way of naming children--still popular in Scandinavia. Say, the dad's name was Phillip, and he had a kid named John, he would call his son John Phillipson. Dick is diminutive (short) for Richard; so, it's very likely, a long-ish time ago, some dude named Richard (or Dick) had a son. Then, instead of following the paternal naming tradition, Dickson became a family name--the convention which is most common throughout the world. The name "Dick" is quite old: mid-1500's. The slang that means "penis" wasn't really popular until the late-1800's.


PurEPruE said...

hahahhaha... OK OK... well actually i never realise this before, until i need to write this name on my Plurk, only realise: eh? how to spell ya?

and found that this spelling is really... hahha..