Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Day, Food

I wake up late in the morning.

It's been long time I didn't sleep till this late, normally even day off I also wake up at 9 am, and I found that I sleep till almost 11 am !!
Received Splashmilk's message at 9.30am. haha, really paiseh.. We meet up at MidValley Megamall at bout 1 pm, before this I still talking phone with my bro when I'm waiting for them. =P

After I meet up Splashmilk and ChrisTock, we went to eat the Vietnamese food at CoDo where located at 3rd floor MidValley.

Christopher Tock , concertrate on taking food photo~!

Splashmilk , eating hungrily haha...

We having our lunch together, we chatting a lot in the restaurant, and they let me know hows going on at UK when they stay there. It's fantastic to talk with them =)

After this, Christopher bring us to one event, which is bout the Global Enterpreneurship, if you want to know more bout it? ask Chris LOL~

Talk bout food, sure talk bout food, after the event, Christopher send me back, thanks Chris =)

Sitting at home, listen to the radio, reading magazine alone, till bout 8.30 pm only realise that I'm hungry again!! oppsss =P so, I walk to the nearest OldTown Restaurant to get some light dinner..

Bangsa South is the nearest one from my house, I only need bout 5 mins walking distance to arrive there. This building is built at bout 2005/2006, and it never open any new shop before after totally finish the whole building, it's weird, and pity.. Until this year, 2008, the poor Bangsa South building just opened a huge restaurant, which is OldTown White Coffee Restaurant.

And the poor Bangsa South is already become "angsa south", cause it's "B" was dropped.

So sorry to tell you guys that, this is my 1st time to get to this restaurant too. and When I arrived there, it surprise me as well, the landscape and design of the shop is nice!

This is the Entrance.

And the Interior design is nice too, make you feel very comfortable once you get into the restaurant. The wall all made by glass, so it's transparent.

Of cause, I have no idea why the outside landscape is dark, maybe they are saving their electric expenses, so it's really dark outside! This is the reflex from the window's wall.. too dark outside lol.. so you can't do those stupid at there, everyone might see~!! LOL~

I ordered a blueberry yogurt juice and curry bread for my dinner! I took bout 3 hour over there, not because of I can't finish the food, but because of the circumstances there is nice.. And i read my REader Digest till I forget my time LOL~

Guys, it's a nice place to YamChar, it really does..

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wowowilliam said...

curry mee is best..
recommended also.. nice