Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Phoebe Lee

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Phoebe Lee~!!!

We all having fun with you on your 22 year-old-birthday on 17 Nov ,and glad to know that you are happy on that day~

Ngu Kok Ming, Tan Cin Cao, Joyce Wong, birthday gurl Phoebe and Me..

Well, I'm the one who carry the Camera, so really less me in the photo , haha...

We did a lots of 1st time over there though.. (think so, LOL)

1st, buy a Kite for 22 years old girl

hahahah... really never do this before lar, normally buy the kite for kids, but buy a kite for an adult?!!???

Umm... hope you like this picture, I'm not a pro photographer..

whose legs is that!???

And then Banana Boat !! too bad never take any picture bout it..

Last!! dig your leg in a hole!!!

Weeheeee~~~ from 1st you wanna make a "longkang" yourself mar.. then dig dig dig.. now we "plant" you in the beach, bwahaha~!!

We try our best to make the "island" to be higher, so that i can get my Sotong Goreng (fried Sotong) !!!

And Ngu can get his double bowl of soup TomYam!!

Hahahaha~!! This is the 1st time also!!! 1st time I'm same height with you!! ngiek ngiek!

Cannot come out yourself jor ler.. ngiek ngiek!

And this is the lovely and memorable video.. remember to come here and take a look your nerd look when coming out from "in the beach" ya!! hahahhaa...

and uhh.. so sorry, you have to turn you head to watch this movie =.=

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