Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bukit Tabur, KL

This is my 1st trip for outdoor activity, so embarrass. But yet, this is really a great trip I have ever had!! It held at behind Zoo Negara, Bukit Tabur on saturday (15/11/2008)

This trip is organize by Splashmilk aka Mikel, and let's see how many members we got at this group.
1. Splashmilk
4. Clem
6. Steven 
7. ChanHui
8. RoseWong (ChanHui's friend)
9. Aaron
10.Aaron's Father
11. Aaron's 2 sisters
13. ME

OMG, I just realize that got such A LOT of member in this group!!


Early morning,I wait for Splashmilk's car at 4.50am, we reach Centrepoint at 5.10am. After meet Jing-lebelle, ChrisTock, MikeYip, and Clem, we separate in to cars to go to Zoo Negara.

That day is not a very good weather, cause its raining the previous night, so we cannot see the sunrise. Some more Steven, Chanhui and Rose are late! so don't ever think of can see any sun at all!!!

I'm really happy with this gathering, this gathering is awesome and special! Not like others just go and yamchar, watch movies... sometimes boring too coz nothing to talk with =.="

Well haha... and actually, at whole trip we didn't talk too much cause we all sweaty and tired of keep walking and climbing ( can it so called climbing from the 1st place? I dunno)

This is what I took at the 1st peak! Can't really see anything cause it's covered by cloud..

But it's nice also right? another type to beauty.. ;)

Actually there's not only us 1 group hiking this mountain at this kind of time and this kind of weather.

There's got another 3 group, one lady alone (as above, the grey shirt), one group uncle and aunties, and another LengZai LengLui's group. Fuiyooo~ really sexy and hot~!! but so sorry, no pictures for you guys..

According to Splashmilk, there's got 5 peak total, and Mike is the 1st one who cannot walked too way far, maybe he is really too long didn't exercise LOL~

They all look quite dangerous but I found they are not really as dangerous as I thought LOL, maybe I'm the only one who get used to all these thing =P

"Please return back for your life"

Well, the weather is not really good, and it's raining at the 3rd and 4th peak (if not mistaken). 

The last way to go to last peak LOL~

How many peak you can see?

I really enjoy this trip! Wish can join another group to go there again at this coming Saturday LOL~

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