Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Miss Him

It's coldddd in the morning.. I'm willing to wake up at the time being, eventhough I was wake up shocked by the time, scared myself.

I lie on the bed, not willing to come out form my bed, covered by blanket, but still feel cold..
I wish he is here.. sleep at my side, must be very warmm..

He looked a bit different from previous, he changed..
but I dunno how to describe how he change.. He is a bit different..
When I meet him yesterday, he is talking on the phone, he didn't really into meeting me, but really Just Meet Me. Sit in Starbucks, and he is just sitting there, checking his mail, his account, his stuff.. But good that he is telling me bout himself, what he is going to do in the future.. And then we talking bout movie, I think I still not brave enough to talk bout us, so I still didn't talk anything bout us.. >.<

I called him last night, after took bath.. But I didn't get him, he is with family last night, must be slept or still with family..

I.... I still miss him...
I dreamed bout him before I wake up, I dreamed I's kissing him..

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