Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a Cute Mom..

Mom called at 12.15pm. She never call me once at this kind of time, due to no business, boring..

She call again just now, and we talking bout family stuff, me and my brother.. She said few days ago my Dad suddenly ask how old is my youngest brother, then my silly mom also forget how old is he, simply answer as 23,4 years old to Dad. Mom totally forgot how old is me and Dad totally forgot he got another daughter Still at KL..

We talking bout fortune suddenly, I tell her that I read from a small booklet that Rat is good at2009 and Ox is bad at 2009. Rat good at carrier and others but Ox is bad, it's just lucky that Ox still got lucky star help to dismiss a little bit of trouble in the year.

Then mom suddenly said that Rat will found someone in year 2009, might be lucky person, might be life partner, so saying that she will Wait and See if I can get any BoyFriend or not. Haha....

What a cute and silly mom..

p/s : Shhhhh... Sis-in-law, if you read this, don't tell mom!! =p


wowowilliam said...

Your dad really have mean something. Ahaha

PurEPruE said...

hahaha.. your dad also whatt...

ya mom told me too, he want you to get marry!!!