Saturday, January 3, 2009

One Road Kill my One Day-Orchard

Back to Singapore, the Singapore LRT is much more better than Malaysia one. Why? Let me tell you. 1st thing, is the Singapore card is really much more thicker than Malaysia one, and they are using scanning one, like our touch and go, LOL~

And our LRT is so normal, but Singapore one is just in we are in KLIA. =.=|||

This is what transport we do all of the travel, and Taxi..

Well, we come to Orchard Road, the whole Orchard road is the shopping mall road, cause you can see the whole way from the head to the end, they all are shopping mall at both side.

They all are very high class shopping mall, all carry branded of course, so you can see the decoration at this road is sooooo nice..

Ehem.. not me ar..

And the people walking on the raod also god damnnnn trendy..
You can see a lots of Lengzai LengLui over here, and also Model..

and all the way go, sure you can see special ice cream they selling, it's the local ice cream, it's cost S$1 only for each.
My friend said, since you come here already, you should try this local ice cream..
Then I try.. =p

Sorry no make up, so look pale..

It's really nice, and the ice cream looks like those Malaysia will need to cut you till bout RM2 or RM3++
Umm... Singapore ice cream cheaper? LOL~ See yourself lah!

On the middle part of Orchard, we saw this, Damn noisy and Damn nice!!
Too bad cannot upload the movie, too lag the connection nows a day..

I got to be honest, I really walk with them till I really dunno where I am!! and We only can manage to get this at the end of Orchard!!

House of CONDOM

And ya, all the decoration is nice..

If got chance, I would like to go back and take a shop again!! I would like to take more time tho.. 2 days is really not enough..

Inside and outside of the Mall..The whole road are fully on light..

We try to get to Explanade after shop, and we are nearly exhausted when we get there..

It's nearly 10pm when we get there, and there's got a show at 10pm, so we just sat down and have a nice rest.

Umm.. night view at sea side, and then with the Christmas song the lady sang.. It's just really a enjoyable time..

Well, we only sit over there till bout 10.30pm, cause the boys can't take it and willing to get back hostel as soon as possible, so that we can paste our bosy on the our early..

Haha.. they are too tired till can't manage to get night life..

And oh ya.. Can anyone manage to get this at Malaysia??

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