Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Eve

Sorry for the late posting!! This is what happen to my New Year Eve!!!

I'd been Ampang over night at my friend's house, her room is really Hot at midnight, I awake twice due to Hot~~~ and that's why I wake up late in that morning =p

I arrive home bout 11am, and rech One Utama bout 1pm I think, I late nearly an hour to meet new plurker, Hitomi ^^

It's bout time to eat lunch.. so we go TIG Friday.

I have no idea what I should eat, so I took back the same steak I ate before at Pavilion, but last time I tried the medium well cook steak. This time I would like to try the medium cook!! it's meaning that 50% cooked only..

After the meal out.. It really look nice~~ and Yummy~

But the broccoli is not as nice as Pavilion one.. and the meat is really... EEiiii~~~

Too fleshy till I can't stand it.. Lucky the person in charge come and ask bout the food, so he help me to cook a lil more.. cause the food come out like, medium rare cook only.. >.<

After we eat our lunch, both of us agree to watch Bedtime Story ~~!!
And we saw this in OneU GSC!

Haha.. what a Big Book!! =D

After finish the movie with Hitomi, it's bout 4.30pm ++
So, we directly heading to The Curve~!! and meet Matthew and ChanRui

ChanRui, Me, Hitomi and Matthew (from right to left)

We having our so called dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes, the restaurant name is really got damn too long, so normally we will just call it as Paddington. No more second shop using Paddington this name thou..

Normally 1st visitors will ask, what we can had from a pancakes shop?? All the answer sure will be, Pancakes Lor!

So, we walked in and take a try, read the god damn thick menu and try to grab something from there..and there it is..

You guys wanna try? sure no problems.. they are nice, really really nice~~ but I still prefer the McD breakfast Pancakes Set LOL~

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