Thursday, January 8, 2009

He didn't call back..

After 2 day I didn't message him, I didn't call him, I didn't do anything to him, and also no news from him, I call him again this afternoon.

I call him due to I walking into the KLCC Garden, I suddenly remember him again, he asked me before to invite him when I doing the relax over there, look at the sky, do nothing, make the brain blank.. I remember him, cause this is what I promised to him..

Well, so unfortunately, he didn't pick up the phone, and not calling back too...I got no idea why, and avoid myself to think why.. I listening the songs, force myself to think at the future, think how will be great at this coming Sunday..


At Starbucks, I look at the menu, I can't get any coffee at this kind of time, it's going into evening time.. I read a book bout the Physiologist (is it? I'm not so sure coz I read in chinese) met a patient who is a 62-year-old lady fell in love a guy who younger 35 years old than her..

I didn't really read all the story, but I can't help myself to thinking between two of us when I read the book, so I stop at half of the story only..

The old lady stay at her mind in 8 years, keep on thinking every single minute she with him in those 27 days. I mean, she live in her past..
I keep on thinking how good and nice when we are spend out time together.
I am hurting myself in mind!

The old lady trying to keep in as a god cause he treat her nicer than everyone do.
I thought he is the nice guy deserve for me, instead of, there got other guy treating me even better than he treating me.
I am cheating myself!

I can't help myself but I throw myself into the cloud, keep on continue walking in the cloud, and trying to grab something in the cloud..
I might fall myself..
But, I still walk inside there..


I called my friend, ChanHui, thinking of wanna tell her what is going on to me myself.
She ask me to message her instead of calling cause she is in the LRT, can't really hear what I'm talking, so I manage to do it, but I send to the wrong person!! Shit~!!

I sent to him, I try to cancel the message and send a message, apologize that to the wrong person. He didn't reply at all, so I can't do anything too..
I called ChanHui again, I don't wanna message anymore! I just directly telling her what is happen to me myself.
At the end, she is giving me an cute answer.She said, maybe I like Mee Maggi and he like BeeHun? Haha.. I don't like Mee Maggi too OK?

But well, don't like, don't like, I still got curi makan. After makan (eat) only regret how fat it is..
Does it mean that me and him also just because of I curi makan Mee Maggi??

p/s: mee maggi = instant noodle


I had a dream in the morning.
I wearing my uniform, working in a strange place.
I suddenly feels like wanna eat junk food, then I walked to downstairs, thinking of get a junk food.
But I don't want o buy in a sudden, I steal it!
I know an uncle saw it, but I still run..
After I back to my working place, I open and eat the junk food with my colleague, I found it not nice at all...
After I finish half of the junk food, the uncle came, he only left the sentences then leave : If you don't want anything happen, just pay him a pack.

I knew the dream got some meaning, but I'm not sure what it is..
Does this tell me what will happen today?

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