Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day Time Clarke Quay and Malay Street

We been Clarke Quay, Singapore, but we been at day time, instead of every traveler go at night time.
Everyone asking why go at day time, but we can't manage to been there at night time. We rush to go back at the same night thought..

And at the same time, we found an interesting game but we can't mange to have fun too, cause they are under maintenance too. Everything is so unlucky.

We pass by the Coleman Bridge and found a lots of interesting stuff..

Like those building..

colour colourful..

Gossip shop LOL~

Wooden Toys shop..

Pub or Club of course, at Clarke Quay what...

And LengLui.. XD
Haha.. sorry she's my friend, I curi ambik punya..

Actually Clarke Quay is a Special place, it previously if not mistaken, is a type of Harbor for those pilot stop by and over night, and that's why here a lots of pubs and motels, even till now, there still a lots of famous pubs here.

We can't manage to stop by and look every shop, cause they all close at day time, only few of them are open day time.

Yet, we still found something interesting.. At Day Time~

This is my friend, Wil, and you can see that, behind this bloody chair is a very huge mirror. Can you imagine what will it happen when it is at night time? I guess it's a special mirror that you can see from inside, and it's a club inside (just guess).

This is what we found at beside that Chair, I can't find the shop name, so guess it's name 196.96654

They everything is using the hospital equipment!! including the surgery table!!

Can you see clearly what are those??

See Carefully~~

Haha... after we walk out from Clarke Quay. We walk to another mall for shopping again, then we walk to the wrong place to have our lunch, we miss the junction, and very accidentally, walk to Malay street. =.=

It's consider far as well, but we accidentally made it. =.=|||

There's got 2 thing to impress me in Malay Street.

1st, it's Outdoor Aircond.

You walk into the street, there's got outdoor and indoor separated by buildings, but yet, it covered by those glass walls, and fully airconded. =.=

Umm... From here you can see that how Malay really know to Enjoy..

Well, the 2nd one is.. You Can Found Pork In Malay Street's Food Court !!

This one really highly impress me!! XD

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