Friday, January 16, 2009

Stay ! Stay ?

Today I called my sister bout the flight ticket, and she suddenly asked me if I gave the resignation letter already or not, and asking me if I manage to move back or not. My brain is blank.

Thinking... Thinking.. Thinking...
Still Blank.

I called mom in the evening time, I asked mom bout it. ( sis is married to another state, so online on phone randomly ) She suddenly move the topic to my another sister's colleague there ( I got 3 sister ).

She told me what happen to a girl when she found herself too lonely and get what kind of suck boy would be. She will find the boy And change topic fly to one of my cousin there, she told me how she met her husband and how she marry to her husband, and now after give birth the baby, how he suddenly dump her with carry the baby gone. Her parents also directly register divorce after thing happened.

She tell me also how my second sister's friend, she got her sister also married to West Malaysia and found not happy stay over there after that. Life is not as happy as at East Malaysia eventhough she is married to a Riches.

She tell me a lot, everything bout the story at others, and trying to telling me that, Marry To Another Land Is not As Happy As You Just Stay At Your Own Land. =.=|||

Umm.. She also got telling me that, also got heard bout some girls are happy after married to here, but very seldom.

What I trying to say? No idea for me myself, just wanna put something on blog, and ask you all give opinion nia.. LOL~

But after all, I made a decision, I will stay till End of 2009.
This year might be the last year I can play hard at K-Hell~!! So all of my friends~ remember to invite me if got any fun!
BUT! Still not considering of continue working at this stupid place till end of the year.. =.=


Loonton said...

about your mother opinion on the girls who married to east.... might be trying to brainwash you.. hahahaha.. trying to get you back to east.. it is a tactic.. I will really comment on your mother idea of happy marriage.. but to me.. every where is the same... it got nothing to do with where.. if you don't like east.. come back to west.. We will be here to greet you..

loonton said...

i mean i will not comment on your mother's idea..

aris raptorclans said...

It's your decision in the end, so I guess give it a good think, perhaps by end of the year you'd have a brighter picture of where your destiny lies...


gonna miss PruePrue... *sobs*

PurEPruE said...

loonton :
omg, haha.. well, i would like to stay due to my nightmare haven't finish yet, and wanna finish the nightmare baru balik kampong. if now terus balik kampong, im afraid the the nightmare will follow me back only..

and haha, thanks for that, i will coming back to west if i really willing to.. ;)

yup, it's my desicion.. and dont be so sad K? mayb i will change my mind again in the end? you know lar. we gal mar.. haha =D

and we still got one more year at least, i will stay here till end of the year mar... but i still need to go back and see parents.
need to think of air ticket liao *sob* *pocket's lobang semakin besar*

Anonymous said...

well its great you gave yourself a dateline, like what the guys said sleep on it then make your final decision at the end. Who knows along the way there will be new opportunities opened to you. Don't be so grim, cheer up as we'll cheer for you too.

PurEPruE said...

Thanks Anonymous, it's really lovely to hear from a anonymous =P

wowowilliam said...

Oo.. i hear all those from mum already. But sometime it sound really stupid lo.... but why all sound like the p[roblem come from the boy??
Boy so malang punya le?? even in relation also, break up even is gal wrong also ppl will automatically say "THAT BAY BOY!!!".

PurEPruE said...

Umm.. bout this.. it's hardly to tell you, but mayb next time, i give you some jokes, and you can try to see the truth through those jokes.. i nows a day read those so true story, but they make thm all as jokes. LOL..