Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clubbing night at Zouk,KL

Saturday night, I went clubbing with my friend Hunny, cause she is not happy, and she wanna go clubbing at Friday night with her gang to celebrate her belated birthday,but her gang suddenly all don't wanna go, so she is sad.

She said she promise to meet me and bring me along too, but due to all of them not going, so she grab me and go with only 2 ladies.. I got message Him in the morning, but he didn't reply me at all.. I feel a little disappointed bout it, but lucky just a little bit of disappointed, cause I know he is busy till next Friday, and he might deny me. What I feel disappointed is, he didn't reply at all, at least give a message and tell me he can't go with us bahh...

So, I really do go alone with Hunny, and we having a lots of fun in Zouk,KL.

When we having gun in Zouk, I found a lots of guys looking at me, they might just look at me, some come and wanna dance with me, but I'm sorry. I can't stand closer to stranger and let them touch me..

There's got one keep on look at me when he is dancing with his girl wtf, and he is keep on appear nearby me when I go wherever Hunyy grab me to, LOL~ from dancing pool to order counter is not a really far away distance, but you can't see anyone you see before in short while due to TOO CROWDED, we all pack like sandwiches wtf. I stood there quite some times due to the drink is not coming yet, we order orange juice from the 1st, and the drink hardly get, coz it's non-alcohol, so we wait. I found that fello again, still stick with his girl, but appear around me again! =.=|||

And there's got a guy close to me from the back, I can feel his XXXXX (doh!), dancing looking at girl also can make you high!? What on earth the men made by!? =.=|||

One more is a Mat Salleh direstly pat my shoulder and say Hi to me.

I got no choice but change my drink to beer cause the fello only can make one orange juice out instead of order 2, and I don't think one can make me drunk too, so I just take it, but I feel a little sorry to Hunny cause I drink alcohol in front of her... =(

Umm... the conclusion is, I realize that I still can flirt a lots of guys when I didn't do anything. I mean, I really Didn't Do Anything, but just dance mine, having mine with Hunny, but they will stick to us.. Maybe it's the way they flirt the single ladies..

And I only can say, I also can flirt if I wanna to, cause I'm not belongs to anyone. Due to my gal, Hunny said, We Girl, can be very royal to her boy, but once she is single, she can flirt more than what you guys can expect, so,men, Don't Hurt Your Girl, and please do respect your Girl.

Thank you.


Loonton said...

You are a magnet.. Hahaha.. thou it is not really good in some way.. but feel proud. You have something.. and yeah.. guys can be REAL stupid. Some are just looking for fun.. and it irritates ppl.

ahlost said...

Wahhh.. You're like a magnet lar :D

PurEPruE said...

Loonton : LOL thanks for giving me such compliment :P

ahlost : heheh... guess i still a magnet then.. :P