Friday, January 23, 2009

New Year New BF! HAH!!

It’s not so long time to get know him, and happen all the things within him. Having fun with my friends, hang out with him, watch midnight with him, outing, and so on.. And it’s no so long that I realize to fell in love with him.

It’s not long to propose to him by message, and it’s no so long time knowing that he is escaping me.. It’s really hurt at that time, never know that the guy can just escape but never answer me even Yes or No.

Due to my scar, I manage to get myself busy, lots of outing till no time to think of him, no any excuse to look for him, and no time to feel all the stupid emotion, so I join a lot of Plurkers Outing.

Thing Happens in a month only, and everything change a lot!

I get to know a lot more of friends due to the Plurkers Outing, and I really happy to get to know a lot of new friends and I didn’t give any excuse to myself feeling sad or disappointed.

Thanks to all of my beloved friends supporting me, either as me to stay and wait cause time can prove everything, or ask me to giving up with him, walk out from this guy and continue my own life without him. I deserved to get a better guy than him.

Get to know him at 31st October, till propose to him at 21st Dec (sort of cause I’m not really remember, this is my advantage LOL~), no news at 2 days time till he suddenly call me, and so on.. Things happen, and my male friends telling me that this is just a lust, and he is giving hope to me, wanting me to wait for him.

Till I decide to give up, I met “Someone”...

Everything happen at so sudden, I never know that I will meet “Someone” in this kind of bad condition I’m having. From the 1st I just treat him as a friend, I didn’t think so much but treat him as a new normal friend. I really dunno “Someone” but just surprise that “Someone” share his secret with me this newbie friend (I got a lots of friend suddenly share their secret with me, but not that early! LOL~) after we know each other bout 2-3 days, but I still treat him as a normal friend, until he telling me that he met a girl and willing to give him a solution to get the girl. I realize that he is talking bout me (by the way he describe the girl.)!

Things really happen so fast!

I knew “Someone” one week only and I realize that “Someone” is fell in love with me at 1st sight!? I thought this wouldn’t happen to me even though I believe the Love at 1st sight. LOL~

“Someone”, “Someone” came towards me suddenly,
Who stand in front of me,
Who come into the cloud I still walking at,
Who explode and let me see him,
Who willing to be with me,
Who willing me to share my happiness with,
Who willing me to get out from the cloud with him,
Who is concern at my health?
Who is concern at my happiness
Who is shopping with me whole day, walking through KL without any compliment,
Who pat me as a little girl which I never get before in my life, even my mom.. (been train to be tough till no one think that I weak sometimes)

And haha…
Thing really happen so fast, and so surprise.
“Someone” remember everything including my bad habit,
“Someone” can suddenly send me a message to me at the nest minute I was just thinking at him.
“Someone” can remember everything what I just simply slip out from my lips.
“Someone” can pamper me and take care of me sooOo much.
“Someone” can so worry bout me when I just make sny little sound. O.o!!
“Someone” is so urge to tell me his fell but hold back, cause of afraid it will scared me away LOL~

Well, IT WILL!! Thing only happen in between a week! How I suppose to accept these entire thing in a short while!??


Looking back at my past, I realize that I have been desperate long time, everything gone so wrong since my Ex broke out with me. Too sad, too disappointed and too hurt, I hiding myself and becoming another me, fooling around, including fell in love with a wrong guy!

Looking at the future, I still walking in the cloud and don’t know where I should heading to. Since I crazily asked my friend to give me a chance outstation, till I crazily call back and telling my mom how much I wanna breach the contract and run away from this K-Hell.. Too tired of being at here..


Well, everyone! New year is coming!
Buy your new dress already?
Buy your new shirt already?

I did! A dress, and a pair of new shoes!!
Don’t forget to change a new BF too to welcome our new year!!

I Just Got One~!!

*evil grin* ngek ngek ngek


YEN XOXO said...

OMG I'm so happy for you.. Congrats Prue! =))

HitoMi^^ said...

Whoa...congrats girl^^ read your zouk post too^^comment sekali.

You must be very gorgeous man..I never experience all those before...cause i went with a big gang LOL

Cindy said...

aiseyh!!! congrats lo!! must chia buffet d lo!!! lol
Where can new year change new bf a?I cant

Loonton said...

Congratz girl.!!! So happy for you.. even though we know each other not long.. Congrazt...

ahlost said...

Congrats girl... :)

Next post show pics for us to see ler :)

vectorbot said...

whahahaah Woooooow!!

Ppl get new clothes, pants & shoes, but you, you bag yourself a new BF too!!

Great to hear that, congrats!

MJ said...

fua lauu .... Prue prue ging!! haha .. congratz leh!!! so next time still got chance to yam cha with u or not ah? =þ

§pinzer said...

congrats wei! hhaha but no la i don't think i should follow your advice :P

for me relationship isn't important now, i'm lucky enough ot have friends like you and a lot others.. this new year will be da year of many challenges ;)

PurEPruE said...

YEN : hehehe thank you oh,, and you too oh... ^^

HitoMi^^ : hehe thanks gal, and no lar.. i think tha's bcoz of 2 of us are gals only, sumore my fren is open, so all guys tot we are open can let them Hiao gua...

gorgeous? LOL, next time i ajak you sekali then you will know how i ear lor.. LOL

Cindy : LOL, thanks, and chia buffet? =.=" your father chia me lagi manyak makan lar... make me scared of seafood quite some times... but shhhhh... dont tell you father!!

PurEPruE said...

Loonton : hehe thanks gal, and heck!! still wait for you come and watch scary movie with me ler!!

ahlost : thanks ahlost ^^, picha have to see if he willing to b taken photo or not worr... he dont like taking photo lerrr...

vertobot : not bad ler.. hehehe

PurEPruE said...

MJ : haha sure yous till can find me yamchar one... we frens what,,, ;)