Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Hello to all my dearest friends and readers..

Wish you all having a prospective Chinese New Year~!! It’s a really brand New year for our Chinese. This is our Chinese traditional, the brand new year, we have to gather the whole family together, eating the “tang yuen” together at the round desk!

Gather round, eat round food, and use the round desk, this is we Chinese, everything used in round to make sure we are together happily.

I had my New Year Eve at KL, 1st day of Chinese New year on the way to Langkawi, never get my lunch but only craving the chocolate to fill the empty stomach! That’s why now my face got a lots of pimples.. :P Stop by Penang after 2 days of Langkawi trip. Oh ya, my MrBf not with me of course, LOL~ cause I’m with my God sister and her family, then to meet up Uncle at Penang too.

The most excited thing is, I met up NicoleFishy, Jen and smallprice at Penang!! Ha! And dammit Mr.Shaowei is too busy and not even reply my message!! Seems like the plurkers outing and gathering become a part of my life already hehe.. :P Cause all are healthy mind people marr.. so willing to meet up lor.. ^^ Some more I got my MrBF from plurk also oh… but the different is, I met him personal before I know him from plurk!! So he is NOT considering the friend from networking! :P

Bout the Langkawi trip will update to you all next time, too busy and too lazy to update the photos now a day LOL~

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