Friday, February 6, 2009

My 24-yr-old B'day..

5th Feb is my Birthday, and my Chinese Birthday is about a month ago.

I’m so happy that I really did get a lots of friends at KL and they all willingly to celebrate my birthday, and Thank you to those who sending me the messages too, I really appreciate it. =)

I think this year is the happiest birthday I had ever had in my 24 years life. Receive more than 2 cakes teeheehee.. and more than 3 birthday present wakaka!! Lotsa lotsa greeting message too (happy till fainted).
Will leave down the messages for memory. ^^

From early of January, I’m still single at that time of course. One of my friend come back to KL from Kelantan, he bring me a long to Island Bistro Restaurant at Pavilion for having dinner, beers and a small birthday cake!!
The 1st birthday present is from him, a watch, cause my watch really know how to “zou yang”, no battery at the same day he come looking for me! And so ngam I always busy till forget to change the battery at those 2 days, so he buy a new one for replace my old one!! He himself also a watch collector, don’t understand..
The 2nd birthday present is Emporio Armani frame, I can wear it when im working cause it makes me look so professional hahaha… The lens is Hoya transition which I buy myself and fix them in.

The 2nd birthday cake is gotten from Arty aka Joshua Chong, he bought me 2 cupcake for my birthday cake. Sorry that I didn’t take any photo of them cause it not nice already after I bring it from KLCC to Times Square.. =P

The 3rd birthday cake is from Haseo aka Alex, he know my birthday from plurk, and he know that the day Plurkers Outing is the same day my Chinese Birthday, so he gave me a pudding as the birthday cake. ^^ and free me a BF tim wakaka~ =P

The 3rd birthday present is from my very good friend, Hunny. She said sorry to me that she may not manage to see me at my birthday, so she gave me a slightly earlier. What a nice bracelet. Thanks Hunny! Muahks!!

The 4th present is such a surprise getting from my Senior! He is my Senior from Secondary School from my hometown. We never talk with each other at that time, just knowing that he is Prefect, I’m a student. He will come and make sure we are good and innocent in class one week per month LOL. We met again at KL around 2 years ago, through a friend I know from KL. Faith is really a weird thing, now we become friend, and helping each other LOL. He came to my shop suddenly, and giving me the gift purposely. Wahhhh…. What a CUTE phone pouch LOL.

The 5th present is the chocolate from my MrBF, the alcohol chocolate. But at the night we came and bring me, he give me 6th present, Surprised me. It’s… it’s…. it’s the Hugo perfume I’ve been hunger so long time.. (cry) And the message on the gift box. Sob…

So touch…


He bring me to The Cave, the couple Restaurant at SS2 as I wish. He know I love steak even though he can’t take beef, but I don’t want to get so full larr.. so I didn’t order the big portion steak but the Dory fillet. I still at infinity gaining my weight. =.=|||

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Thanks for those sending me the lovely message.
Hunny : Happy birthday to u…
(Thanks gal, and thanks for your present, I love it!!)

Ris : Hapy hapy bday gal! May all ur wish come true!
(Thanks gal! and sorry that I can’t manage to get to your bday party at 4th feb! no transport and too far for me..sob! >.<)

Edna : Hole! Happy birthday! May u have another great year! Just remember age is just a number. Its what in d heart matters. Stay young at heart. Muaks!
(Thanks Edna, shocked from coming a strange num, but guess might b you after I read the num =D)

Wen : Happy birthday to u. Happy birthday ti u. Happy birthday to Prue.. Rong Rong… Happy birthday to u.. Wish all yr dream may come true. Stay pretty. Cheer. Lucky. Sweet always…
(ekekek.. thanks for your singing ya! And I’m waiting for your belated bday cake sumore since you promised!)

Emelia Hong : Hey, happy bday sis. Wel, wish u have a wndrful bdy wif ur frns...
(Thanks dear! I really did having a great bday ever wif my frens!!)

Yuyu : Her,dude. Happy birthday!
(Thanks Yuyu!! Ans miss you so much!! Dunno if you still mad at me or not. >.< really miss the past we had together!! And so happy that you call me Dude. Still treat me as Dude :’-) )

Omar : Happy birthday Prue
And I wish you a happy life.
(Thank you Omar!! Far far away from Saudi!!)

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