Friday, February 13, 2009

Lou Sang

At 14th of Chinese new year, which is 8th Feb, we plurkers gather again at a restaurant at TTDI. We all go that specific restaurant for “Lou Sang” session due to raptorclans is a Muslim, and the Chinese food are Halal, so we all appear there..

There’s 20 of us!!!

put all the spicy together with salmon 1st...

Haseo’s mom
Artreyu aka Joshua Chong
Kanzaki aka Brandon
wolfx aka Kent
raptorclans aka Aris
Kembalona aka TJCPlurk aka Jin
Bypasser aka CK
Hezra aka Debra
XaXat aka Timmy
sphinxy aka Valerie
vectorbot aka Alex Choong
Paul David

We separated into 2 table but order the same dishes, so that we easy to calculate the dishes money, and share.. ;)

They all love to take Loon's pic...

cause she always not allow us to take her picture... like a celebrity LOL~

After the Lou Snag session we all go to another corner to yamchar.. at Mousin..

And the 20 of us is really like the gangster gathering, LOL~

But most of us all wearing RED!!!

Haha,… That’s the biggest gathering since Nov 2008!! XD

I’m so happy and looking forward to this plurkland!! It really lighten up my day and my life!!

and oh ya... i found raptorclans aka Aris wanna sell his car...

Anyone interest? can ask me.. ;)


ElwinCindy said...

the Muhibbah restaurant is mwned by my uncle lar~~~~

PurEPruE said...

OMG!!! O.o

which uncle???
do i know him???

alamak!1 you got too much uncle lar! (doh)