Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine to Every Coupleee~~~

Today is 14th Feb, every couple is going out with their another half, pair by pair, try to knock out more money for letting their another half happier in this day… Dinner, Travel, Gift, Love… Everyone is talking bout this and keep asking bout this.. What should give ya? How to celebrate ya? What time both are free YA!??

Why I say like this? Ha! That’s just because of, today is Saturday, not everyone isn’t working at Saturday OK? For example, ME. I’m working today, till 9pm some more, and those work as retail shop as me, shopping mall staffs, They All Working. Those officers who have to work at Saturday, half day or full day.. The Shopping Mall Workers, I think they just celebrate with those couple customers is enough already, look at them happily, is the most enjoyable and cruelness thing ever..

Well, I’m working today, as I told as above, till 9pm… What I can do with my MrBF after 9pm?? Watching midnight movie packed with full of couples?? Or get an enjoyable candlelight dinner with bloody pricey meal?? Ummm… I think most of me(gal) will choose candlelight dinner cause this is the 1st valentine I was attached, paiseh..

But.. I decided not to choose anyone of them at my birthday, and I decided not to celebrate the Valentine day as well.

Why? Cause I’m not Christian, LOL~

And I celebrate my Valentine day everyday LOL~ Especially since I be with MrBF, ekekek….

Why would I say that?? Cause…. Since I starting our relationship, he go back to his hometown, and I go travel with my friends’ families at Langkawiiiiii… and I bought a lots of CHOCOLATE for myselfff~~ ekekek…


My Most Favourite! Sllrrrpp…*tongue out*

Isn’t the Chocolate is the most important thing to gift your love?? Hehehe… I bought it myself, and eat together with MrBF~ not bad right?? ;)

Sadly, most of them I send it to my lovely brother jor… I only left the Duc d’O for myself…

i love this flavour...


wowowiLLiam said...

Why valentine should go out dinner, travel, and so on... spend all those money on nonsence thing??? wasting the money only.. the girl just take advantage on thr guy... hey, on this day the girl should stay at home and baked the coklat cake for the guy ok... we ASIA, follow the japan culture.. nt westen, follow stupid AMERICA.

plus.. coklat cake cheaper than anything... :P

pls.. share this to other!!!!!

PurEPruE said...