Thursday, February 19, 2009


It’s been long time I didn’t read the books, too boring these days, without networking, only can read the magazines and magazines.. Comics? Have to be careful now, or else that stupid monkey (as a friend, vectorbot said so) will follow reading those useless comics in the shop, then manager blame me again. So, I pick one book which I stop at half long time ago, restart again reading it, found a interesting article.

It talking bout how the writer’s parent train him as better personality and attitude. It said, thanks to parent that even though they didn’t give the writer a very good and rich family, but giving him a very good sample to be a better man. It makes me think of mom.

She love to get more knowledge since she was young, she still doing home study even though she can’t go to school, she get chance to know the distance learning from Taiwan School, which is free and only need to spend on mailing, then can get her cert. actually she study a lot, compare with other at the same ages..

She is too busy to teach us anything, and she hardly helping us to get improve our study too, so no choice but letting us spoil our study ourselves, but lucky that all of us did the not really that bad job, all sisters got graduate at their secondary nice nice, then my brother get his diploma which he studied, then me, badly graduate from high school, get to study at KL, and get a training with study, get now me.

Mom asked me if I regret or not using all of my time on her business but not my own student life.. umm…. My answer to her is, “ Well, time past, why should we think of good or bad at it? Everything happen had their own reason, especially at the time happened, like you not allow me to get driving license when I was 18. The Big reason you gave me was, girl no need to learn driving so soon and not necessary with it, and afraid that I would become the second Siew(my 2nd sister), driving car flying here and there after get the license ,ran far far away to another town. But the fact is, you don’t even wanna tell me that you don’t have enough cash letting 2 kids get their license at the same time.” Yea, nearly at the same time, cause my younger brother was waiting to get his driving license too. Well, of cause I won’t blame my mom, because I know that I spend more money than other sibling, monthly study fees sucking her blood badly.

But haha.. Luckily that I didn’t ask her to take out more money on my diploma study, if not I think I still listening her blaming and complaining tho.. =P

But yet, thanks to mom I got chance to study Chinese Secondary School even though it’s god damn pricey for her, thanks to mom that I still got a little bit time to join athlete, join Chinese Musical Club, show on stages, and join a little bit of activities in school, which dad always complain that I didn’t help them up but only sneak at school playing around!
And thanks to mom got asked me if I need more tuition eventhough I know it’s another debt for her if I do. I know I didn’t study well at that time, all I need is just time management, but not those stupid wasting money tuitions, unless English language. I never manage to learn how to speak English at all, even though teacher is forcing us to speak, but still hard for me.. Cause we always have chance to get silent ekek…

Eh, sounds like out of topic jor.. =P

But I also dunno what’s my topic lar actually hahahahhaha~ Well, just write randomly, too bored at work!!

But oh ya!! Thanks to mom that teaching me to be an independence girl since I was just 11 or 12!! Training me to be strong alone and training me to handle everything alone!! (I think she train me since I was just 10 =.=”) And now, I think I’m too strong till no one would like to help me haha! Cause they really found no need =P especially my previous senior LOL~

Am I look independent now?? Hehehe.. ask MrBF, he probably know a little bit..

in the future =P

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