Thursday, February 19, 2009


Just saw one of my Plurk’s friend from Kuching, Sarawak mention bout the local drink, Ular Panas, gao gao! Remind me that I used to love UlarPeng long time ago, gao gao sumore, remind me how different the ais kacang between Sarawak and KL one, remind me of my local Kampua again, remind me of the traditional food “diam miangu”, remind of all the local drink and food from Sarawak. I just release that, it’s really been long time I didn’t go back to my own hometown, and realize that I totally forget the taste of those foods and drinks.. =(

I dreamt of my mom before, and it makes me feel sad too. MrBF said I miss my home. Yea.. I really do miss my home, since last year December, I keep on thinking and plurks all the feeling of miss my hometown, and the feeling of wills to go back hometown. Wills of settle down at hometown, wills of deny coming out K-Hell again, and wills of follow mom’s suggestion.

Remember of resolution I had made at beginning of the year, just decided not to get any partner anymore at this year, mom suddenly said that I will meet a partner, even though will suffering in time when with this partner, but will be together at the end. It’s just like, make a resolution and against my own resolution, LOL~ Mom said, wait and see if I will get any boyfriend or not, but I think she still haven’t gotten ready that I will get any partner so soon. Until now, I still not dare to tell her that, I fell in love again. Stupid me… Against the only resolution I had made for myself.

I realize that, I really forget a lot of thing from my hometown. I forget how to get bus, I forget when the school finish, and hard to get any teacher after the schooling time. We talked bout the foods and drinks already, and I forget how kind of those uncles and aunties treating me, and how hamsap those uncles look at me if I wear a little bit nicer shirt or shorter pant. =P

For God Sake, Do I Really Become Half KL-people Already?
Where Is My Innocent Heart From Hometown?

Thinking back when I doing my work, when is my last time going back hometown?? As not counting the last year August to Kuching, cause that is not my real real home…




……………………………………………….. O.o

I totally forget!!

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