Sunday, September 28, 2008

People are Selfish

People are selfish.

Especially I still remember when he look at me with his disgust smile.. From his eyes, I can see that he is laughing at me how weak I am, wanna fight with Him this kind of higher management.
" People spend money on you, what you give back to people? how much you can earn for people? " I still remember how suck the face when he is smiling at me.

People are selfish, doing everything on me to achieve their target.
People are selfish, using me to be a stepping stone to climb higher and get what they want.
People are selfish, so I have to be selfish too.
People are selfish, so I'm selfish too.
I'm selfish, so I ignore his order.
I'm selfish, so I shoot him back,
I'm selfish, so I don't bother how good he treat me before.
I'm selfish, so I don't bother how much he spend on me before.
I'm selfish, so I will show him, I won't collapse just because of just HIM.

Today, you let me bleeding in heart, you let me feel hopeless in this world.
Tomorrow, i will let you know, I'll standing still even though you send me to hell..

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