Saturday, September 27, 2008

Deo-cockroach Body Spray

I got a friend who suddenly as me out for a movie. Naturally, I accept the date and we agreed that I bought the tickets 1st and wait him come at the cinema cause he would come after work.

He arrived at last minute, we walked in together after purchase the popcorn and drinks. After we sit down, he stand up again with taking out his Men Deodorant Spray.

He spray all over the body of course. Well, I'm a girl of course, so I'm a bit of curious of this product since this product is for MEN. Then i asked him after he sat down,
Prue, " umm.. nice smell, haha.. seems like you like this product so much."
He, "Yup, is good, better than Amway product (Obviously he don't like the MLM stuff)"
Prue, " oh, I see.. How long you use this already? How long you can use per bottle? ( course he spray all over his body like no need money)"
He, " Oh, I'm not sure bout that, I got few bottle as well, you wanna?"
Prue, " !!! No thanks, haha.. Erm.. How many bottle you got once?"
He, " Oh, actualy i get it from company and it's free, I saw not much ppl wanna take it, so i took few once.." ( Wahh!!! really no need money leh!!!)

After the conversation with me, he took out again and spray all over again and again.. much till i request to stop it cause the smell is fully fill part of the room already.
Suddenly one thing pop out from my mind, which is the Shieldtox Cockroach Killer Spray.
 "This is what i spray on my body Dude!!"

Imagine if you really spray a lot.

I didn't mean to hurt my friend! It's just that it suddenly come out from my brain..
Sorry if i hurt anyone of you~~  


ToNy Tay said...

someone is on a date


PurEPruE said...

hahaha... actually it's a long time ago story, it's just that too funny, so i only post today haha...

wowowilliam said...

Hey hey hey~~~ bad la you.. feel like u gonna say he wan kill himself which he is mosquito.

PurEPruE said...

HAHAHHA... nop, he is cockroaches, wahahahhaha!!!

Joshua said...

Haha. That story is hilarious. :D
Heh, some friend you have: he makes you buy the tickets and then he brags about his stolen body spray. :P

PurEPruE said...