Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gift from "Nu You"

My shop here, got purchase the magazine every month. Magazine "Nu You" is a chinese magazine, it teach the ladies a lots of trend and fashion stuff, updated magazine, so i request every month. 
This magazine got special promotion like get the high value gift for just attending a small test, you just need to answer the question, fill in the information it request, glued it at behind of envelope,then post ir with RM0.30 stamp. It's attracting, so I just attend all the quest in one short, coz it's just cost me RM0.30 per entry for the stamps only.

I get this at the end, Vichy product, a daily cleanser, an essence liquid and a big bottle of moisturizer. 
I look at it with a big sweat, why it giving me such a small cleanser and such a big bottle of moisturizer?? Does my face is damn dry till i need a lots of moisturizer till like this??
cleanser, essence and moisturizer

from beginning I keep look at them, i dunno which is which, cause the Cleanser, it write daily cleansing, the moisturizer, it write cleansing milk. There's coming out few black fine line on my head too instead of only a big sweat. What is this and that?? Which is which then?? which I suppose to use for wash and which I suppose to leave on??

I don't use it until today, just put it there for display and make my room more messy. well, anyone of you wanna, just need to pay me the carrier fees, I post it to you though.. cause I get it from free, and i don't need it.

It's better I stick back to my own product ..

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