Wednesday, September 24, 2008

About me

Hi everyone here, I'm Prue, please to meet you all, I'm just an ordinary girl from Sibu , Sarawak, Currently at KL.

umm...I been here almost 5 years, but i feels like I'm at here almost 50 years though. I came here since early April 2004, sign a invisible scholarship contract with a company, study and working at here. 

Everyone is wondering why I said it's invisible ler..? hehehhe... cause after I sign the contract, the company lost the contract, that's it. And why I still at here? Cause no money, can't fly to any other places, so I fly to KL lar.. No choice mar... 

Before I create this blog, I'm a very very innocent girl, very very seldom go to pub, very very seldom hang out with friends, and very very less friends lar..hehehhe.. *blush*
But it doesn't mean I wanna be a very bad girl after i create this blog oh.. it's just that it's too boring after finish the study, really god-damn-nothing to do, and I almost become a ... umm.... Aunty at here.. so, maybe the blog can bring me back the sense of humour? I hope so haha..

umm.. else..

Born in Sibu but love Kuching

Before age 20, got Aunty and Uncle friend more than youngies, cause after having class in high school, I straightly go to market to find my mom who doing a small business over there. I helped her to clean up all the stuff and close the stall, then going back home with her. It took bout 2 hours time to close the shop, well you know, pack, wash, clean, tightern, and bring back almost 80% of stock into a van. that's really a lots of time to take.. And, i got not much childhood life, most of the time is in market, doing business with mom.

After age 20, I at KL, not really much friend, cause I get used to those Uncle and Aunty style at market, shouting, laughing loudly. hahaha.. can't imagine ler a girl like this.

OMG, who is this Aunty standing there??

umm... start helping mom (doing business) since i was bout 11 years old, had gastric problem since 13 years old. Till graduate at 18, start working after 3 days of graduate. my 19-year-old birthday's present is a queen size bed, haha.. sounds funny, but it really sent to my room at my birthDAY. But then my that bed i haven't slept on it fully 3 months I already at KL.

If you ask me if I miss home or not at that time, I would say NO, cause KL is still really fresh for me, I don't miss home at all 'bout more than 6 months, haha... but now, I think I'm too old to stay here already..

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