Thursday, September 25, 2008

Extra story

When I'm writing this blog at my shop, I almost cannot continue cause of my that weird staff is doing the weird sound at the front of the shop. Ermm... have to say, my that that staff is a Girl, and she is not really doing the sound, 

I heard this sounds before when I was young, doing business with my mom at market. The uncles will "sllrpping" this teeth after eat, their teeth having gap to stuck some vege or fish fin, that's the sound coming out when they are trying to get off the stucking stuff..
This is how I look when i heard that sound from her mouth..

And that's the sound she is doing right now.. It's ... annoying and weird, hey, you are a Girl suppose not to do this kind of stuff lar.. some more in front of the shop ler..!!??  Tak Malu ker (Don't you feeling shy or something)??

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