Thursday, September 25, 2008

poor taxi

I wake up early this morning, prepare to work a little bit early, but it's not really early that I mean to be, it's just that I always late at work, haha...

Early bird just came out from buying breakfast, spot this.

wah!! so early arh??? 

There's not much car over there, just this 2 car, one Taxi and one Iswara behind it, and I think the uncle police is so happy to fine one at this early time, it's only 9 am here. He keep looking around, see if the driver coming out or not, but unfortunately, the diver never appear, I think he is going too far away for taking his breakfast lar.. maybe uncle police is thinking of taking a fine than get Kopi O? 

"hey why nobody appear to this only car at here?? blind ar!??"

So pity this Taxi driver never expect that there will got early bird police too spot his car didn't put parking stamp, but he is so si-tu-pid to go that far away by parking his taxi here, suppose to watch out his own car since he don't want to pay the parking fee mah!! Common sense what!! 


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