Tuesday, September 23, 2008

at last....

At last...

At last i create a blog for myself...

Before this, i try to open a blog for myself, but i don't know what is happening, it's been 3 days, 3 DAYS I CAN'T CREATE A BLOG FOR MYSELF just because of that stupid connection.

Well, please be inform that I'm a ordinary girl who wanna make a simple and boring blog for myself, but i wish it's not boring at all at the end.. hek hek.. so, fell free to go through my blog ; )

umm.. now over here is 10pm already at Cyber Cafe, and it's bout for me to get rest after 11 hours of working, but yet, I'm squeezing my brain trying to make this blog too be more comfort and keep watching at the connection cause it will die at anytime, s**ks..

Well, there's got a lots of reason make me having the desire to create a blog for myself.
1st, i found ther's got a lots of blogger are fun and i like them quite much.
2nd, i dunno what's happening to my friends who are seriously ask me to do MLM with him, suddenly ask me to create a blog for myself, he must be crazy or something,LOL.
3rd, wanna make a "diary" for myself, and also let all the friends knwing that what's happening to me, and I'm really lazy to tell people what kind of me or who the hell is ME, well, read me at here is enough lar!

umm.. that's all for my 1st log 1st, i hope the readers wont feeling too bad of reading my blog, I'm stop at here 1st, will be continue at the second one..

see ya all!!

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