Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I accidentally put the junk food at my room for few days, and it is just explore on the table, it's the junk food i bought from an Indian, so it consider the indian type keropok lar.. I thought i can bring back to shop and continue biting it, but when i look at it closer, i realise one small hole over there.

look nicely at the bag..

gosh, it's really consider such a quite "BIG" hole..

oh my, its width is bout my last finger's size, i can put my finger into the hole.

and OMG, it's not as small as you can't see it. It's consider a BIG hole though, cause I can't imagine what kind of insect can bite it to such big hole. Cockroach? or RAT??? 

arrgghhh~~!!! got rat in my room!?!??


Of course, i thrown in at the end...

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