Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Review back to 2004

Never talk bout myself to other people previously.. I never know how to describe myself, and my life, well try lar over here. LOL~

Umm... I come to KL at early of April 2004, with my parents, meet another 2 fello at AirPort, it takes 2 hours time to arrive KL Airport, wait for another girl and another guy, who are Donna from Kuching and Law from Miri.

1st day after we settle down every messy stuff, my mom and my dad disappear at second day cause they go and have fun themselves, throwing me at College to see how is the processing..
Well, after all, I sell myself (by using contract, not body) at bout 3rd day..

Been sent to the shop like a toy at 5th day, start working at 9th day. 

Starting my work at PJ section 14 and starting my study at second month at KL Megan Avenue, umm.. what I can say is, selling out myself happily cause I can away from home at last,hahahha....!!

oh ya, my parents went back before 2 days I starting working..

Before i work, the branch manager Ms Li asking me to buy a pair of high heel for suit the uniform, umm... too sad i can't get back the uniform cause i threw it to other junior long time ago, and this is my first account book I can handle myself and I open myself, LOL~ 

"Ah boy say thank you to Aunty" a "Xi Lai" told his son..

This the the clip I have to wear everyday at my working place, it makes me looks like bloody old aunty. That's why I having another nick name which is Aunty Wong. LOL~

Previously make up for Chinese Musical Show, now make up for working..

This all are old fashion Glasses, my seniors threw it to me when they really dunno how to settle these stuff.. but I throw it too today. hahahhahaha..!!

Umm... try to get the photos for where I'm working in the future..


After working at KL, a lots of thing happens on me..




Umm... really dunno what i suppose to say and what I can say out LOL..

realize that company is not as good as what we all thought, the Book Keeping LCCI results is coming out, I get credit at Level2, I'm still not sure how good it can be call, just knowing that bout half of us fail at whole batch of examinations students.. Mom ask me to go back to that small town for study Accounting, better to be Accountant who can get salary at anywhere.. Common position what... 
don't want to be Accountant because I'm sick of those 0~9 already even though how good does the Math previously, and don't want to go back because I still feel sooo fresh of in KL, very ettracting in KL,so I still wanna stay at KL, and that's why I'm still at this city.

but thn now I'm sick of KL..

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