Sunday, September 28, 2008

advantage n disadvantage of working.

I'm a working girl, this is what they call me, cause everytime when all my NetFriend asking me what I'm doing or where am I, surely I will just answering them I'm working or at work, never miss before.

So, that's why there's got a US guy call me working girl, LOL~

Well, can't blame me, cause I'm working roughly 12 hours a day, and 5 days a week. Sometimes, need to work up to 6 or 8 days cause of the branch manager is on leave or in holiday (ya, I'm not that manager at here and I'm not the boss here too), so I got to work, work, work.. After that my turn to holidays, haha....

But well, there's got some advantage and disadvantage of keep working.

The Advantages is, 
1) no shopping time
2) no movie time
3) no wasting money time
4) just need to sit in front of the computer do whatever you want.
5) boss here never bother me instead of he still just sitting at right next 2 shop from here.

the disadvantages is,
1) it's Damn bored.
2) the working time is damn long
3) there will got someone come in and ask you for donation.

a pencil, a slim,thin notebook, and 2 tissue cost me RM 18 !!!

and that's god-damn costing...

I don't understand, willing to do donation but it's make me feels like, he try to kill me instead of ask me a favor for helping the poor children...


wowowilliam said...

AHaha.. that should not call as donation. Its is one kind of business which using the words "donation". Should say it is the trick in marketing.

PurEPruE said...

well, whatever it does, as long as, I LOST MY RM18!!!!