Sunday, September 28, 2008

fair in midvalley

Long long time I didn't really shopping, long long time I didn't watch movie and long long time I didn't really relaxing myself. At last!! I went to Mid Valley alone... Lucky that I didn't sleep like a pig till dunno what's the time.

At Mid Valley, I bought 2 movie ticket for myself, one is Death Race at 4.45pm, one is Hancock at 9pm, hehe so sorry that I only watch that day. After getting the tickets, I straightly walked into McD, cause I'm starving!!

Fully filling my stomach, I realize there's there's got a lots of weird makeup with weird dresses girls.. Erm.. after that I just knowing that it's not weird, it's just cosmo wear, thn only I think, there must be got some fair at convention hall.

Over there, I found a lots of LengZai and LengLui there, umm... not bad, wash my eyes, ahhaha...

there's got 2 fair, one is ACGC fair,another one I'm not really sure cause I'm not really interest,they all bout facial and beauty fair..

"Hey, you see!! not only ppl from Sibu so Kampung ler!!"

main entry of ACGC, everyone is register for taking a free gift provide from Umobile.

Umobile booth..

pretty lady with angel wing..

heading into it, I try to take some photo but I can't , cause my handphone is old type which is only provide 0.8 megapixel only, so the pictures is not nice, everything is blur and can't see clearly what the hell is that..

This is the stuff I bring back from the fair..

booklets, gaming CDs, and magazine

I arrived home at 'bout 11.30pm after the movie, my hand is almost separated from my body cause those stuff are heavy too!!! Well, most of the things I just Threw cause they mostly are booklets and discount vouchers.. And those CDs I can't open and use it cause I still got no computer yet.. =.=

The beauty Fair, I also get some freegift from there, those are quite funny too.. 

RM50 discount voucher, booklets, a pen from register, and a slimming gel.

Yeah right, brand new type slimming tissue..

It's more like the wet tissue for babies...


I really got no idea what is this thought..

Can anyone of you tell me what is this?

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wowowilliam said...

hey, that girl with wing de.. pretty huh.. telling you what, someday i gonna buy that kind of shirt for my gf.. kind of angel for me. feel so sweet