Thursday, October 2, 2008


Raining today. 

I walk to my shop from MRT station as usual, but with the sleepy face, mind and brain, I accidentally step into the sand area, make my shoes a bit dirty, so I took out my tissue and rub my shoes. After I rubbed my shoes to be clean,

I look at the front, then look at the back, the whole road got NO-Single-Bloody Dustbin!!

Oh My Gosh, what kind of road is this? Highway area got no dustbin of course no dustbin lar, but why the walk-side also no dustbin at all? How we suppose to make the city clean without any single dustbin? At least one lar!!!

Can't blame Malaysian dirty lar in this kind of condition.. It make's like you got to eat the dust too, so that you got nothing can be thrown. It's really odd to blame us no manner or anything in this condition, and so pity aunty need to clean the whole road every early morning.

Umm.. maybe that's another reason to let people get job??
Haiz.. no idea lar..!!

Long long way to walk again, only see this.. 

Really only one, and it's small and tiny...


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