Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Ramadan!!

Happy Ramadan to all the Muslim around the world!!!

My friend at Malaysia please don't be feel too boring at my post today, cause I got other friends around the world.
Sorry to my friends! I'm not a good speaker, I not good at describe, I not good at English, I not good at writing too, LOL~ so anything please leave some comment if any bad grammar or description, I willing to improve myself too.. hehe..

Well, today is the day of totally finish fasting, in Malaysia there's got Raya Day which I don't know if you all got at other countries or not. Today is just like their New Year, they go praying at mosque in early morning, after that they starting cooking a lot a lot.. for inviting the relatives and friends having meals ( ya meals, cause you got to eat when you reach your friends house, if not better you don't go!! ). All Malay friends will ask you keep eating, eating and EAT!!! Then those friend whoever start working, will starting giving "green Pao" ..

This picture I took at Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur. At the centre court of the Mall, decorate an Indoor Housing, let Malaysian remember and let Traveler know of the oldies style of Malay house, in additions of selling some Malay food increasing the income margin of a Mall. Hey, don't think that those small junk food is less profit or small amount only, normally those kind of special festival season, doing a small decoration only wasting their money, if not mistaken cause of the festival season, making people coming to this Mall, just walk walk, can let them having at least RM 100K a day in one Mall..

Don't play play ar...

This is the traditional Malay style house.. 
It makes like really in Ulu Kampung or at the side of beach? I have no idea of it..
side view

"Jom makan! Jom makan!!" ( Let's eat! Lets go and eat!!)

Well, having the same celebration all around the world, but non of a country got such much celebration like Us this multi-culture Malaysia!! 

Happy New Year to Malay in Malaysia!
Happy Ramadan to all Muslim!!

Selamat Hari Raya!!

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