Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's really been long time I didn't update my blog.. Nows a day i keep on working, plurking working, plurking... what so fun at plurk? Haha, ya it's fun! It's just like the gathering of all bloggers, gathering of all strangers at all around the world, then suddenly become your friends!! We chat, we share, we having fun, we support each other, we talk nonsense with each other too! 

And, sigh.. I think i am addicted to it.. 

Is it good?? or no good? Cause since I start plurking here, I found that 60% if my life is in this mutual space, I didn't do anything, but only sit in from of the computer whole day long, and surf the net..

I just finish Kennysia's 3.5 years' blogs, unbelievable i read them all start from 1st page.. LOL~
I think before plurk I already addicted to Kenny Sia. Oppsss... it's Kenny Sia's blog, not Kenny Sia, LOL~

So on, I think I will just follow his blog instead of others, cause his is more fun than the others, even though there's got a lots of Anonymous.. Good to know such open minded and positive minded person.. but I myself started be negative minded.. >.<

Whatever, jsut hope that this another 2 1/2 month will go smoothy, and pray that after end of Dec , I have no need to worry anything at KL anymore...

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