Sunday, October 12, 2008


I watching the old movies nows a day, this is one of the old movie i watched lately. This movie named "Dororo". "Dororo" is being called when they don;t know what the devil it is from, and nobody how to describe it as.

This pity boy is being so called as Dororo when nobody know his name..
His appearance due to his father gave his body separating into 48 pieces to those 48 evils for replace to get the Emperor. 

This is how pity he look when the herbal doctor found him at the river.. no eyes, no ears, no hands and legs.. only left a head and a body with no contain..

the doctor found him pity, so bring him back to his house, grown him up, and use his secret way to make the part for the baby. Hands, legs, heart and so on, by using the dead body part, werrkkksss... *disgusting* until when he grown up, the doctor dead by robbed, he is asked to burn the house then travel around to kill the monster, so that can get back his part of the body..

That's how the story start..

I love this movie cause the story is fresh and special, and also the guy is cool, he can remove the hand and show up the swore killing those monsters..

and also, the monster is not as stupid as previous movie like "Power Rangers", " Ultraman" and others (sorry I dunno if i spell correctly or not, cause it's been long time I didn't "read" those stuff), they more active then those standing there goyang kiri goyang kanan (move the body left and right like dancing) thn been killed, LOL~

Actually this movie is coming out from the quite famous anime from Japan, and of course, it speak Japan.. haha!

Take a look lar!! ;)


小泽 (DSvT) said...

I got this comic...
Is a nice comic...

PurEPruE said...

^^ you really still young lar dsvt..

小泽 (DSvT) said...

Young in heart, old in actual~
Got this set of comic already confirmed my age directly~


PurEPruE said...


don't say like this lar... im also watching those old anime also right now mar... hahahhaa