Friday, October 10, 2008


I went to KLCC yesrterday, met my ex-classmate,ex-housemate and my friend, she is the only one person here, not 3 person. One person handle 3 position from another person, not bad hun?

Well, we went watching movie, the new movie "Disaster Movie", it's funny and bored too, not really good and not not bad though...

Don't talk bout movie here, you all can go and take a look, the Justin T look similar,just too short, i don't like Jessica S there. Erm.. the rest you all watch yourself..

After that we went Nando's, having our meal there's been long time i didnt eat Nando's Chicken, and it's been long time Im not been Nanso's too.. ( of coz lar.. what a nonsence)

Umm.... We using alots of time to have our order of our meal, cause nobody bother us, *sob* and the service is just like.. haizz.. I wish I'm atPavilion at the time..

We order the same meal but different side order.

Well, this is me, the latest me.. haha pop up a lots of pimples nows a day, facing too much computer *sigh*

What I like over here is the design of this shop, umm.... not bad right? It can cover up and let you all having your own small world... for couple, for friends who don't wanna been disturb by side sight (with weird or bad mood face if they feel too annoying).

and some more, give you a small window to see each other world, allow you to get a small crash in between the rooms, hahhaha....

I took this picture without telling her what I'm doing now, haha.. what an accident.

This is my friend, my ex-classmate, and my ex-housemate,this is her. Well, I don't show her face cause of I'm afraid later she come back and scold me cause of I show her face to the whole world.. hehe... I still dunno how many people will view my this blog in the future, and I don't want my friend been disturbed in the future ler.. :P

Her name is "Honey", same pronounciation, haha, wish that my muslim friends don't distueb my sweet sweet friend ya, haha...

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